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Small pdf to word

Конвертер PDF в Word

Преобразовывайте PDF в редактируемый документ Word за несколько секунд.

Подписчики имеют больше преимуществ

  • Перестаньте ждать! Мгновенная конвертация
  • Документы неограниченного размера
  • Конвертируйте несколько документов одновременно
  • Неограниченный доступ ко всем инструментам
  • Защита файлов при помощи 256-разрядного SSL-шифрования
  • На любом компьютере
  • Приоритетная поддержка
  • 20 инструментов для извлечения, конвертирования, сжатия, слияния и разделения файлов PDF

Подписчики имеют больше преимуществ

  • Перестаньте ждать! Мгновенная конвертация
  • Документы неограниченного размера
  • Конвертируйте несколько документов одновременно
  • Неограниченный доступ ко всем инструментам
  • Защита файлов при помощи 256-разрядного SSL-шифрования
  • На любом компьютере
  • Приоритетная поддержка
  • 20 инструментов для извлечения, конвертирования, сжатия, слияния и разделения файлов PDF

Как конвертировать PDF в Word

  1. Выберите на своем компьютере PDF-файл, который нужно конвертировать.
  2. Наш конвертер PDF в Word начнет извлечение текста, изображений и отсканированных страниц (OCR) из PDF.
  3. За несколько секунд создается идеально отформатированный документ Word, готовый к загрузке.
  4. Затем конвертер PDF в Word удаляет все копии файла с сервера, сохраняя безопасность ваших данных.

Лучший конвертер PDF в Word

Наш конвертер PDF – лучшее средство для конвертации файлов PDF в документ Word, лист Excel, PowerPoint или даже PNG и JPG.

Доступ к 20 инструментам для конвертирования PDF

С помощью набора других удобных инструментов для объединения, разделения, сжатия, вращения и удаления страниц наш конвертер избавит вас от обычных ограничений PDF-файлов.

Шифрование файлов в целях безопасности

Наш PDF-конвертер защищает ваши файлы путем 256-битного шифрования SSL, а отправленные вами данные не передаются другим лицам и остаются доступны только вам.

Быстрое конвертирование с автоматическим удалением

Когда вы отправляете PDF для преобразования в Word, ваши файлы преобразуются немедленно и удаляются сразу же после его окончания без сохранения резервных копий.

Используйте на любом компьютере, где угодно

Наш PDF-конвертер работает с компьютерами Mac, Windows и Linux. Поэтому можно использовать его на любом компьютере, где бы вы ни находились.

Конвертируйте PDF в Word бесплатно, используя пробную версию

Попробуйте бесплатную пробную версию конвертера PDF в Word либо оформите одномесячную, годовую или бессрочную подписку, чтобы получить полный доступ ко всем нашим инструментам, включая неограниченный размер файлов и возможность конвертировать несколько документов одновременно.


Converting PDF To WORD

Converting PDF To WORD.


So you have a Portable Document Format File in your computer. You’re interested in editing and sharing it as a Word document. The only thing standing between you and that end?

How to the PDF file convert to Word doc!

If that describes you, then you’re definitely in the right place. We’ve created the web’s most reliable Convert Pdf to Docx, built to deliver the highest quality of results for absolutely free.

With this tool, you’ll be able to save precious time versus having to manually type out your files in a new MS Word. You’ll also be able to avoid errors and get your documents sent with confidence.

In most cases, competing PDF to DOC converters require users to register on their website before being able to use the tool. This process is often chaotic and time-consuming because you have to sign up and then log in every time you want to use the converter. Most other converters require that you download their software into your computer first, install it, and sometimes enter a registration key before being able to convert your files. This is quite laborious, too.

But our tool is completely different. It is the fastest and easiest conversion tool you will ever come across on the internet. Let’s introduce you to the PDF to Word Converter Online Free by Small SEO Tools.


Our tool is a free web-based software especially designed to help you convert your portable document format files into an editable .doc and .docx files.

The tool works fine for all computer operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It also works pretty well for all mobile devices including iOS and Android devices.

Apart from the web-based version, we’ve even developed a customized version for both Android and iOS mobile devices which you can download on the respective app stores for free.

Additionally, Convert PDF by Small SEO Tools is developed with the best tools by well-trained developers to allow it return the most excellent result possible. This means with our tool, you can expect a super high quality of the Text documents it produces. No hitches. No glitches!

This level of quality is very rare among converters, moreso, from a free one.

Moreover, the converted doc file is made to take less storage space as the tool does keep the file size small.

Before we created the tool, we pushed a well-researched survey out to our user-base (we run more than 100 digital tools). We then took into account answers of the respondents to design this tool. This gave us the opportunity to build a tool that directly solved people’s problems as regarding conversion.

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Usually, the alternative method of turning a PDF document into a Word-based file is often to copy and paste or simply type out the text manually. Both have downsides.

For instance, if you copied your PDF content and paste in a new Microsoft Word document, you’ll lose the formatting of the document as well as graphics, if any.

On the other hand, typing out the text manually is labor-intensive, boring, and time-consuming.

The best approach? Use an automated converter online like this one we’ve created here on Small SEO Tools to make your work worthwhile.

With an automated converter, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time
  • Retain content format and structure
  • Avoid errors
  • Convert multiple pages at once
  • Transfer graphics and images from your PDF file to the .doc or docx file


Although our tool is coded to deliver the best possible result, the tool runs pretty smoothly, and it is amazingly fast and easy to use. Here’s how to use it:

Step #2: Upload your file. You can do this by clicking on “Upload” to choose a file directly from your local storage. You can also upload from a cloud storage, particularly Google Drive and Dropbox.

Step #3: Once you’ve uploaded your PDF file, the next step is to click on the “Convert to Word” button to process your request Immediately, the tool will convert the uploaded file into a Word document and show you an option to download it.

It’s that simple!

This Converter is also available for mobile users via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, like stated earlier.


In this day and age of the computer, documents play a very important role in how people and organizations communicate with each other. Documents also play a big role in how people and organizations store and share information.

There are two popular document formats use in the world today — PDF and DOC.

“PDF” stands for Portable Document Format while “DOC” is short for Microsoft Word Document.

They are both file formats in which any type of document (business, personal, plain, graphic-oriented, etc.) can be saved in. Both are easy to create and send and can be accessed without much fuss.

But there are inherent differences between these two document formats.

First off, each format was developed by different companies. PDF is the production of Adobe Systems while DOC is the work of Bill Gates’ Microsoft.

Also, each format can only be created and edited by different software developed by the companies, namely Acrobat for Adobe and Word for Microsoft.

Perhaps, the biggest difference between the two file formats is each platform’s ability to edit content.

DOC files can easily be edited anytime using MS Word or any other word processor. When a user wants to edit this file, all they have to do is go back to the word processor and get it done.

On the other hand, Acrobat can be used to create files but its editing ability is limited. As a matter of fact, PDFs were developed more as a delivery format than editing one. It can retain everything the author has written in the document along with their structure, and can be recognized by all platforms.

Given that Portable Format files were created as a delivery format and not for editing, it becomes necessary to create software that can help users convert their files into DOCs.

In fact, PDF is an open source program, thus giving any individual or developer the right to develop editing/conversion tools for it as opposed to Microsoft’s proprietary software.


One of the most noted concerns of most users when it comes to using online services is whether or not their data is safe. And it is the same with people using PDF to DOC converter online like this.

If you’ve been worried over the security of your document when using our tool, you need not worry anymore.

We guarantee 100% security of you documents. We do NOT store, view, or share documents you upload into our system for conversion. We respect your privacy and will never violate it.


Now that you know what to do with Convert PDF to Word Document Tool and how to do it, it is time to go ahead and use it. Simply upload your files and the tool will work wonders for you.

Feel free to also check out our other conversion tools, including Word to PDF Converter, and JPG to PDF Converter. You can also check out our PDF tools like lock PDF, Merge PDF, Unlock PDF tools to make the most of your PDF files.

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Преобразование PDF в Word

Здесь можно преобразовать PDF-файл в редактируемый документ формата Word. Конвертируйте из PDF в DOC или из PDF в DOCX. Если вы хотите преобразовать PDF в Word, вы попали по адресу!

Как преобразовать PDF в Word?

  1. Загрузите PDF-файл.
  2. Выберите Word 2007-2013 (*.docx) или Word 2003 (*.doc) из выпадающего меню.
  3. Настройте дополнительные параметры.
  4. Нажмите на «Сохранить изменения».

Оставайтесь на связи:

Преобразуйте PDF в Word онлайн
бесплатно в любом месте

Лучший инструмент для преобразования PDF в Word

Всё просто. Загрузите PDF-документ с жёсткого диска / из облачного хранилища или перетащите в поле загрузки.

После загрузки PDF-файла выберите формат Microsoft Word из выпадающего меню. Доступно два варианта: DOC и DOCX.

После этого нажмите на «Сохранить изменения», а PDF-конвертер позаботится об остальном.

Онлайн-инструмент для преобразования PDF в Word

Вам не надо скачивать приложение или устанавливать программу. PDF2Go работает онлайн в любом браузере. Просто подключитесь к сети и зайдите на

Забудьте о вредоносных программах и вирусах, просто скачайте полученный документ Word.

Зачем создавать Word из PDF-файла?

Несмотря на универсальность формата, PDF-документы сложно редактировать. Чтобы извлечь или отредактировать текст, надо преобразовать PDF в редактируемый Word.

Оптическое распознавание символов (OCR) позволяет редактировать даже отсканированные книги. Не тратьте время, чтобы скопировать текст вручную, мы обо всём позаботимся!

Безопасное преобразование PDF в Word!

Если вы преобразуете PDF в документ Microsoft Word на сайте PDF2Go, вашему файлу ничего не угрожает.

SSL-шифрование, регулярная очистка сервера, безопасность загрузки и скачивания файлов. Все права на документы остаются за вами.

Для получения дополнительной информации ознакомьтесь с Политикой конфиденциальности.

В какой формат можно преобразовать?

Этот конвертер создан для преобразования PDF-файлов в документы Microsoft Word формата DOC и DOCX. Вы можете конвертировать PDF-файл и в другой текстовый документ!


ODT, RTF, TXT и другие

Мобильный конвертер PDF-файлов

Конвертируйте PDF-файлы на компьютере, смартфоне или планшете!

Онлайн-сервис PDF2Go позволяет конвертировать PDF-файлы в Word. В поезде или автобусе, в отпуске, на работе или дома — просто подключитесь к сети!

Оцените инструмент 4.1 / 5

Вам надо сконвертировать и скачать хотя бы один файл, чтобы оценить конвертацию

Online PDF to WORD converter

Our service

Why is there a need to convert PDF to Word document?

Convert PDF to WORD with our service

Online converters are easy and quick to use. An online converter like PDF to DOC is a converter that makes your life easy and allows you to save a PDF file document into a word format. When you convert PDF to Word document with our tool you become editable file and get better quality than any other converters. You do not need to get into hassle of installing any software to do so, instead using it online you can get your work done in minutes.

Now with help of our service you can convert your PDF documents easily into DOC or DOCX and can change or edit it in your own way without any problem.

Transferring PDF document into a word document is important by following reasons:

  • You may need to edit the document and add up additional information
  • You may need to edit a file with mistakes.
  • You may need to provide the revised version or make some appendix based on the original text and for this reason looking for the possibility to copy the original text.

When you find a PDF document and need to convert it into word, you can use online converters. The best part about these online converters is that you do not require creating an account or signing up in order to get your file converted.

The 100% free service of converting your PDF document to Word DOC or DOCX can be done availed by following these simple steps;

However, documents in Microsoft Word format have a number of advantages over the PDF format, the main features are the ability to edit, correct, and spell check.

To change the contents of the PDF you will sweat a lot, meanwhile with Word format everything is much easier. The powerful Microsoft Word Toolkit allows you to fully control your content and focus more on adding the material rather on editing.

Word was originally developed as a tool for reports and text writing, afterwards formulas, graphs and complex objects were introduced which made the Word engine one of the most popular and convenient text processing over the world.

By transforming documents from PDF to Word it is very important to preserve the data integrity. We should admit that convert PDF to Word document is not a trivial task. For most users it would be desirable to get an identical document in Word, with the same content, with the same filling as in the original PDF.

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Whole PDF content is stored and packed inside: formats, objects, fonts, images, etc. Microsoft Word In contrast uses all the tools that are installed on the user’s computer.

You may find various software’s and converters available on the internet that will help you in converting your PDF files to WORD, however, most of them are not expensive, not free to use or may require you to create an account and sign up. Some of these software’s can be difficult to use as well. For reasons like these, online converters come in handy. You just need to follow the instructions and convert them to PDF. You may also convert your files from Word to PDF.

Using an online PDF to DOC converter is a great solution when you are low on money and time. Following these steps below will help you in converting your document from PDF to DOC or DOCX format:

  1. Go to our website and click on the option of PDF to WORD conversion
  2. Upload the file you want to convert
  3. Convert it
  4. Save it

Small pdf to word

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exceeds the 50 page conversion limit

with our free conversion service.

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Q: Will files with confidential information be secure?

Nitro uses the latest technology to ensure your data and company operational activities are safe and private. Feel safe knowing you and only you control access to your data. Nitro software and servers are designed to be highly secure both against malicious attacks as well as other types of breaches. All documents are stored in accordance to the Nitro Security Policy and the Nitro Privacy Policy.

Q: I never received my converted file. What happened to it?

Depending on load, it can take around 5-10 minutes to convert and deliver an average PDF file, but it may take more time for files with lots of pages or complex formatting. If you didn’t receive your file, your email provider may have intercepted the email, so it would be best to add [email protected] to your trusted contacts list and try the conversion again.

Q: Is there a limit to the file size I can convert?

Yes, we will only convert files that are no more than 50 pages or 5MB in size. If you need to convert a larger file right now, download a free trial Nitro Pro 14-day trial and convert as many large files as you like from your desktop.


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is a locked or secure file.

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has NOT been converted

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