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Office 365 setup

Step-By-Step Guide to Manual Office 365 Setup for Workstations

Office 365 setup for user workstations involves installing and configuring Office 365 applications and the associated licenses. With the help of autodiscover, the process is fairly simple. But when autodiscover isn’t working or available (such as before a migration), you’ll need to do a manual Office 365 workstation setup.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step setup process based on your license type.

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Your Guide to Manual Office 365 Workstation Setup

Before moving forward with a manual setup, you need to know what you’re working with. The process will differ depending on whether the user has an E1 or E3 license.

  • E3 and Business Premium license holders: Confirm you will be installing Office 2016 to your computer. Follow the instructions for “E3” not “E1.”
  • E1, Business Essentials, Email Only license holdersor those not installing Office 2016 to your computer: Follow the instructions for “E1” not “E3.”

Here’s the road map for setting up PC desktops for Office 365 (click below to jump to any section on the page):

Setting Up Your Desktop for Office 365

Ready to get started setting up your Office 365 desktops? First, sign in to the Office 365 portal ( Then follow these steps:

Check for and Remove Incompatible Software

Incompatible software will interfere with the Office 365 setup. To remove incompatible software, follow these steps:

    • ABBYY FineReader – uninstall
  • DisplayLink Core – upgrade to version 7.1 M or latest

Note: If Office is freezing after installing the new Office, try these tips:

  • Disable “hardware graphics acceleration” (under Options from any Office program).
  • Change default printer (some printer drovers may need to be updated.)

Remove Old Office Versions

For E3 licenses: If you have an older version of Microsoft Office already installed, you will first need to completely uninstall it before installing Office 2016 Pro Plus.

Open your Control Panel and the Programs folder. Locate Microsoft Office, and select Uninstall. You’ll also need to reboot.

Run and Install All Available Microsoft Updates

This step is required for all configurations, and users may need to reboot once installed.

For E3 licenses: Install the New Office 2016

Here’s how to install the new Office 2016 to your PC:

  • Sign in to the Office 365 portal (
  • Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then select Office 365 Settings.

  • You will be installing Office 2016 Pro Plus to your PC. You can do so by clicking Install displayed under the header.

This will begin streaming the software to the computer. After the “Click to Run” process begins, you will be able to launch the applications and have them ready for use. Meanwhile, the rest of the components will download, update and install in the background. “Click to Run” can take several hours to fully complete.

You can read more on the “Click to Run” technology here.

NOTE: If an older version of Microsoft Office is already installed, you need to completely uninstall it before installing Office 2016 Pro Plus.

For E1 Licenses: Install Desktop Update and Skype for Business

To install Skype for Business, follow these instructions:

  1. If your Office 2016 does not contain Skype for Business (formerly Lync) or you’re using Office 2007 or 2010 on this computer, you can still install the Skype for Business client from the Office 365 list of Software. Simply click the Skype for Business icon. After the Skype for Business App has been installed along with your older version of Office (2007 or 2010), see step 2 to run Desktop Setup.

  1. If your version of Office is Office 2010 SP2 or later, it’s ready to connect to Office 365, and you should skip this step for Desktop Setup.

Prompts and Processing Actions

  1. If prompted, sign in using your Microsoft Online Services ID (your email address).
  2. The Office 365 desktop setup will check your system configuration. When the check completes without detecting any problems, you’ll be presented with options to configure your desktop applications and a link to learn more about the important updates Office 365 desktop setup will install.

A message will appear if the software detects a problem. Refer to Troubleshoot update and configuration issues for Office 365 for information to resolve the issue.

  1. After you’ve selected the applications you want to configure, click Continue, review the service agreements then click “I Accept” to begin installing updates and configuring desktop applications.


Some applications may have shaded checkboxes if your account isn’t provisioned to use this application with Office 365 or if your computer doesn’t have the required applications already installed.

When the installation and configuration have completed, you may have to restart your computer to finalize the installation and configuration processes.

After running Office 365 desktop setup, a shortcut to the Office 365 portal will be added to the Start menu on your desktop.

  1. When configuring Office 365 with a preinstalled copy of Office already on a machine, you may see a warning during the configuration of Outlook requiring additional manual steps. In this case, start up the Outlook program and complete the wizard, which will use auto-detect to configure the profile, based on this user’s Active Directory login. Based on the email address you supply to the setup wizard, a link will appear to Learn More in the Setup Wizard. This will take you to a list of help articles, which detail how to complete the manual steps for setting up Outlook.

Office 365 Outlook Manual Settings

When Autodiscover isn’t working, you can’t complete the Outlook setup and/or have your credentials recognized. You can configure a mail profile to connect to Office 365 by pointing the profile to the servers manually. To find the correct server information, follow these steps:

Note: After setting up Outlook, please allow at least an hour for Outlook to fully synchronize with Office 365. The process will be complete when the status bar in Outlook displays “All folders up to date” for more than 3 minutes.

Adding Office 365 to your Outlook 2016 desktop application

  1. To open Outlook:
  • Windows 7: On the Start menu, point to Control Panel, and then click Mail.
  • Windows 8: On the start menu, type point to Control Panel, and then click Mail.
    1. In the MailSetup dialog box, select ShowProfiles.
    2. Then click Add in the Mail dialog box.
    3. In the NewProfile dialog box, type a new profile name (e.g., Office 365) then select OK.
    4. Select the ManualConfiguration option in the Add New Account dialog box. Then select Next.

    1. Select “Microsoft Exchange Server” or “Compatible Service” and click “Next.” In the field labeled “Server,” supply the information: Add the full Office 365 email address in the UserName field. Then click the MoreSettings button.
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    1. Now select the Security tab, then uncheck the boxes under “Encryption.” Under LogonNetworkSecurity, choose AnonymousAuthentication from the drop-down list.

    1. Select the Connection tab, check the box Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and click on the Exchange Proxy Settings Button.

    1. In the Connection Settings field, type “” Check the box next to “Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate.” In the field below, type “” Check the box next to “On fast network, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP.” Under Proxy Authentication settings, select “Basic Authentication” from the drop-down menu.

      1. Click OK.
      2. Select Check name then Enter your Office 365 user email address (address should underline). Click OK.
      3. If prompted for credentials, enter your email address and password for Office 365.
      4. At the Add New Account – Congratulations dialog box, select Finish.
      5. You will return to the Mail dialog box. Set “Always use this profile” to match your newly created mail profile, then select OK.
      6. Now, start Outlook from your Start Menu. The new profile will open and begin to synchronize with Office 365 online mailbox. Note: This operation can take an hour or more per GB of mailbox size.

Skype for Business Manual Setup

If the Skype for Business client won’t sign in after installation and isn’t requiring a software download, you’ll need to manually specify the server.

Note: Either the Lync or Skype for Business client interface may be displayed. They are functionally the same.

Use the following steps to manually specify the Skype for Business server:

      1. Open the Options menu by clicking on the Gear icon in the upper right of the Skype for Business window.
      2. Next click on the “Advanced” button next to your Sign-in address.

Select the Manual Configuration option and supply the “” as both the Internal and External server names. This is the universal address for all Office 365 Skype for Business users. The address will only be different if your Skype for Business service is not hosted on Office 365 (e.g., different service or on-premises server).

To complete the Skype setup, confirm your way out of the “Options” (click OK until you’re back at the Sign-in Screen for Skype). Your Skype for Business client should connect successfully.

Are you fully optimizing Office 365? Managing your cloud environment requires an entirely new skill set. Learn about Agile IT’s award-winning Office 365 consulting services or contact us today to help bridge your technology and business goals. — Support for Microsoft Office Setup Download & Install — Microsoft Office 365 Setup and installation

Microsoft Office is the most preferred tool by the universities, businesses, institutions, individuals and numerous others with the wider features and reliable technology, visit – the Microsoft has again knocked on the door of the office users. This time it has come with surprises that will facilitate more functions and efficiency. Office setup 365 is the best option not just for the people of the United Kingdom or other English speaking countries but to the entire world.

Technically, the office 365 has become the most suitable options for small and medium scale businesses. There are customizable options that let you set up the software according to your needs. For instance, you will find a special package named office 365 educations, which comes completely free. It is designed for the educational needs of all those students and teachers. Likewise, there is also a customized option for businesses.

Of all the numerous reasons for using this software, its functions and security are among the most notable ones. It lets the users to independently manage the crucial task in a very manageable way. They need not hire any IT consulting company to set up its features according to your business model. It goes flawlessly just in few clicks.

When it comes to security, this version is the most protected and safest options available. Even more secure than all the previous version of MS office, this software reliably avails advanced process for this concern. Moreover, they update the software from time to time to make sure the application is running flawlessly and to filter out the worms and viruses.

How to setup Office 365 —

This application comes with various versions, and it is recommended to choose in line with the requirements. The business premium version comes with various applications with many services. Microsoft has distinguished products for home-based users. Now, take a look at how to set up this on pc and to anywhere on the cloud:

Installing the software is not too complicated, only you need to follow few steps then it will all set up for your use.

  • For this, it would better to sign up for your chosen plan.
  • Go to the and create your account.
  • Then, you need to click on ‘Buy Now’ option which will offer you the plans or the versions available.
  • Here you can add users and connect your business domain for the further process.
    Later, it is the time to install your office apps. Go to the Admin centre where you need to choose Go to setup.
  • There you will opt for install now.
  • Select your language, and then install the applications.
  • Setup Outlook.
  • Search for the Outlook application in your computer. (Window users search for the app from the start menu and the Mac users avail finder to find out).
  • Click the file, go to info and select add account.
  • Now, type your office email address and click connect
    That’s all, now the next step is to import all your emails to one place.
  • Import Outlook emails.
  • It is an easy process, all you need to do is to go to the file on the upper left corner of your Outlook then click on the ‘open & export’ option which will head to import and export. All done, just mention your email over there and it will import all your emails to your new Outlook account.
  • Setting up the office through is an easy and flawless process that needs not any special technical knowledge, neither any support for that.

More about Microsoft office setup 365 –

Actually, it is a bundle that comes with dedicated services. It includes online storage, sharing, synchronizing using Microsoft Cloud platform. It comes in different editions, like a business, home, education (for teachers and students), and governments.

The applications that we get from Microsoft office 365 is always the latest ones, moreover, you are eligible to upgrade to the latest version in the future.

There are numerous confusions regarding this This application works exactly the same as the previous one, though it comes with more features and flexibility. You can avail of all your documents, files, excel sheets, emails offline when there is no computer. Moreover, you can also access them using the cloud function from anywhere at any time using any device with internet.

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The cloud function of this service offers numerous features that let the users add, modify and access their documents on the go using Smartphones. Here are the Office Web Apps that we will get from this purchase:
All the web applications are available on the OneDrive Cloud service . You need to make your visit to and here you will log in using your outlook, MSN, Hotmail or live account. You can use your phone or desktop browser to access the files.

The office offers ultimate flexibility and convenience. You need not install anything on the computer to add, modify and access these files; and even you do not need any office software installed in the computer from which you are browsing. Moreover, no matter what kind of operating system you are availing, to access your files and to modify them, all you need is a system with an internet connection and having internet browser installed.

How office 365 is different from others

Of all the versions of MS office , this one is different in many ways though it feels same as the older one. All we get from this is the better user interface, lots of exciting features and more reliable security. Earlier, the MS office was limited only to the installed computer where users have to put an activation key while installing the applications; apparently, they are not cloud-based. Cloud is the technology that allows us to access our data safely using the internet. We can access these files from anywhere using the internet. Know the suitable office edition for you. In order to choose a certain one, you need to look at your requirements. On making a purchase, the most obvious concern is the price but we should not ignore our requirements.

For the home-based users in the UK, MS office offers a cost-effective plan that will efficiently go with their needs. They can simply choose the better one among them. Moreover, most of the home-based users do not need any services like an exchange, one drive, etc. they just want the applications like MS word, excel, powerpoint , etc. Though, for even these, MS office offers the best option.

For the businesses, there are multiple options to choose from. Considering the size and requirements of the business, there are three options available with certain limitations. You need to look at your needs and then come up with a particular one. The Final Word when you are at

MS Office is the finest software that you will get on this planet. The flexibility, reliability, and compatibility are something that you will not get anywhere. Moreover, the features it offers to enhance our productivity.

Before you buy the certain edition of MS office, make sure that how you are going to use them. For educational departments, MS office offers free services. All you need to do is register your educational institution to the office and then there will be an automatic verification. In the end, you can access these applications without paying anything.

6 способов использовать Microsoft Office бесплатно

Простые хитрости, позволяющие не платить за Word, Excel, PowerPoint и другие офисные программы.

Официальный комплект Microsoft Office для дома и учёбы сейчас стоит 6 699 рублей. Однако покупка — не единственный способ заполучить нужные программы. Вот способы пользоваться ими бесплатно.

1. Используйте MS Office Online

В браузере на любом ПК использовать привычные сервисы Microsoft можно без каких-либо подписок и оплаты. Для этого существует полноценный комплект онлайн-версий Word, Excel, PowerPoint и других программ.

Они полностью поддерживают привычное форматирование документов и включают в себя основные инструменты, правда, за некоторыми исключениями. К примеру, Word Online лишён панели WordArt, уравнений и диаграмм, а Excel Online не может работать с пользовательскими макросами.

И тем не менее, веб-версии вполне подойдут для открытия, просмотра и редактирования файлов Microsoft Office. Потребуется только учётная запись Microsoft.

2. Установите мобильные приложения MS Office

Помимо онлайн-сервисов совершено бесплатно распространяются мобильные версии программ MS Office. На смартфонах с большими дисплеями с их помощью вполне можно просматривать и редактировать документы, а в случае с планшетами — даже набирать тексты и работать с объёмными таблицами.

Бесплатное распространение актуально для всех устройств на базе Android и iOS, за исключением iPad Pro. Их обладателям для редактирования файлов Word, Excel и PowerPoint необходима подписка на Office 365.

3. Воспользуйтесь Office 365

Облачный Office 365 для дома, включающий в себя премиум-версии приложений Office для шести человек, распространяется по подписке. Год использования обходится в 4 399 рублей, однако перед покупкой можно опробовать сервис бесплатно в течение целого месяца.

В рамках тестового периода будут предоставлены не только самые свежие версии всех программ, но также 1 ТБ места в облачном хранилище OneDrive и 60 бесплатных минут для звонков в Skype. Единственным условием является необходимость указать реквизиты карты, с которой по окончанию месяца будет списываться оплата.

4. Попробуйте MS Office 365 ProPlus

По истечению пробного периода с Office 365 можно запросить 30 дней бесплатного использования профессионального Office 365 ProPlus. Он позволяет создавать до 25 учетных записей пользователей и может быть интегрирован с локальными решениями для электронной почты и совместной работы. От вас потребуется заполнить специальную форму и дождаться ответа.

5. Получите MS Office при покупке ПК

Получить официальные программы Office для дома или же подписку на год использования Office 365 вполне можно при покупке ноутбука или планшета на Windows. Такие акции часто встречаются в крупных сетях продаж компьютерной техники и бытовой электроники.

Соответственно, если вы как раз собирались приобрести новый ноутбук, стоит заранее ознакомиться с доступными предложениями и узнать, где Office уже включён в комплект.

6. Используйте Office 365 для учащихся и преподавателей

Для учащихся и преподавателей предоставляется специальный пакет Office 365, разработанный для образовательных учреждений. Использовать его можно совершенно бесплатно, если учебное заведение зарегистрировано на сайте Microsoft.

В рамках бесплатного тарифа основные программы доступны в веб-версии. Привычный десктопный Word, Excel и PowerPoint можно получить только платно. Но вполне возможно, что ваше учебное заведение предоставляет специальные условия приобретения Office 365 по сниженной стоимости. Этот момент необходимо уточнить в образовательном учреждении.

Как выборочно установить отдельное приложение в Office 2016/Office 365?

При установке современных версий Microsoft Office 2019, 2016 и Office 365 вы не можете выборочно установить отдельные приложения Office, изменить путь к каталогу установки, выбрать язык или изменить какие-то другие настройки. Всегда выполняется полная установка пакета Office (устанавливаются сразу все офисные приложения из офисного пакета Microsoft). В интерфейсе установщика Office у пользователя полностью отсутствует возможность выбора конкретных приложений или настроек. Также вы не можете удалить ненужные приложения Office с помощью кнопки “Изменить” в “Программах и компонентах”. Что делать, если вам не нужны все приложения из пакета Office, и вы хотите установить выборочно, например, только Word, Excel и Outlook? Для этого вам придется использовать специальную утилиту развертывания Microsoft Office Deployment Tool (ODT) и XML файл с настройками установки.

На сайте Microsoft в статье справки Office указано, что в Office 2016 нельзя выборочно установить отдельные приложения Office и изменить путь установки (линк), но на самом деле это не так.

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Для установки выборочных компонентов Office нужно скачать утилиту Office Deployment Tool (ODT) (

Запустите файл и распакуйте содержимое в локальный каталог (например, C:ODT).

ODT позволяет выбрать какие приложения из состава Office 2019, Office 2016 или Office 365 нужно установить или удалить, выбрать язык для локализации программ, и различные настройки приложений.

Теперь нужно создать специальный XML файл с настройками установки Office. В каталоге ODT уже есть несколько примеров таких XML файлов для Office 2019 (configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml) и Office 365 (configuration-Office365-x86.xml). Вы можете вручную отредактировать эти файлы (см. пример в статье об установке Office 2019 в корпоративной сети), но гораздо удобнее сгенерировать нужный XML файл с параметрами установки Office на официальном сайте MS Office (Office Customization Tool). Данная веб форма в удобном виде мастера позволяет создать конфигурационный файл для развертывания MS Office.

Допустим, я хочу выборочно установить из пакета Office 365 только приложения Word, Excel и Outlook.

  1. Нажмите Create a new configuration;
  2. Выберите архитектуру (32-bit), продукт (Office 256 Pro Plus);
  3. В списке приложений выберите только те приложения, которые нужно установить. Я оставил Outlook, Word, Excel;

Полученный XML (o365_custom_configuration.xml) файл нужно перенести в каталог ODT.

В XML файле содержатся следующие строки, которые указывают на то, что нужно исключить следующие приложения из пакета установки Office:

Теперь откройте командную строку с правами администратора. Если при создании XML файла вы указали, что установочные файлы нужно получить из сети CDN, выполните следующую команду для загрузки из CDN (установочные файлы загружаются из Интернета) и немедленной установки Office 365 с настройками из вашего XML файла:

Setup.exe /configure o365_custom_configuration.xml

Начнется установка Office. При этом иконки устанавливаемых приложений Office, которые вы выбрали, отображаются в окне установщика C2R (в моем примере устанавливаются только Word, Excel и Outlook).

Setup.exe /download o365_custom_configuration.xml

В результате у вас на компьютере установятся только Word. Excel и Outlook. Если вам нужно дополнительно добавить какое-то приложение, например, Teams, просто удалите строку из XML файла. Сохраните файл и запустите ту же команду:

Setup.exe /configure o365_custom_configuration.xml

Аналогичным образом вы можете удалить определенные приложения из установленного экземпляра Office. Достаточно добавить приложения, которые нужно исключить в XML файл со строкой ExcludeApp ID=»Word» и выполнить изменение пакета Office установку командой ODT:

Setup and Install Office on your Device

  • First You need to go to and sign in to your account.
  • If not registered, You can sign up to create a new account.
  • Once you have Registered, You can sign in and follow steps.

Your Team, Your Work

Connect with the latest teams app and get the best out of your team.

Secure and Safe

Work on the safest and the most secure cloud servers with power and speed.

We are not Microsoft, We only train on How to Install, Setup and Use Microsoft Office.

Office Setup

Using Office Everywhere

The Productivity world is ruled by the Office suite and is one of the most important software for most of the people.В

Office on Your Device

Now you do not need to find another way to transfer files in and out but you can simply use the Office, You don’t have to use the same device that you used to create the file before.В

Fixing Major Errors

Sometimes we have noticed that customers are logging into the wrong website, sometimes the product key is not correct and sometimes the error is due to a weak internet connection.В

Why Office

Office is one of the most used Productivity suites to date. And is really easy to use. Microsoft Office is not just a software used by some but is used and recommended by a lot of people around the globe.

What’s New?

What’s New? site explained

Now you can insert Icons in your Office documents

Why is office the major player in the market?

Who will lead the Productivity Market in the future?

Is Cloud-only Office Possible in Future?

Can you make a professional website with the Office Publisher?

It all began with

It all began with Microsoft Excel. They started this app in 1990’s and it was quickly a hit and became the best of the productivity apps.

Soon the app was hit

Soon after the app was hit, Microsoft began to roll out other apps and then completed the suite with the introduction of Word, Access and Powerpoint.

Now, The App is

Microsoft Office is one of the best software available right now. The productivity suite is one of the best and the biggest software available right now.

Setup Office on Your Computer Yourself

Here is a DIY Guide on How to Download the latest Office 2019 from its official Site after purchasing it, and further Verify Product Key to Redeem it and Install the Final Product, Office 2019/365 or Other purchased version of Office on your Computer or any other device

First Step:

Check Your Office Packaging or Email Receipt for Office Product Key.

Open Your favorite Internet Browser(Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Other) and Go to

Next Step:

Sign In to your Account with your exsisting Account (Outlook or any other registered Services). If you don’t Have a Account, You will need to create one.

Enter your Product Key.

Final Step:

After you are Done with that page, You will reach a page which says Install. Click the Install Button. Your Office File will be Downloaded. Once the file is Downloaded Run the file. Run through the Installation Window Process and we are good to go.

Microsoft Office and Office is the Trademark and copyright of Microsoft and the respective owners. We do not have any affiliation with Office or Microsoft. All Credits go to the respective Owners.

In today’s world, staying connected is one of the most important things. With the advanced and secure cloud service, Microsoft makes sure that you are able to access your data from any device and anytime.

With the advanced error reporting system, Microsoft is always able to keep an eye on the bugs and crash reports to make sure that you have a flawless service and you are able to do great work on the go or wherever you want.

Sorting of plans has been done in a way that it won’t hurt your budget and yet provide you with all the software that you will be needing and using at your work or home.

Microsoft Office’s latest Teams software has been able to pull of millions of users and has connected a lot of teams and has made teamwork easy and is quickly gaining popularity in most of the fields.

Office has been really good at bringing the best of productivity to us. Office as a productivity software has bought us the amazing features that no other productivity software has. Not just that but Office has the integrated AI and is going to be more fun with the new update office in planing later this year.

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